Medical therapies or rather medical treatments exist for a wide range of different health problems. First of all, a so-called diagnosis has to be made which means that the respective doctor is asked to identify a possible disorder or disease. Consequently, he or she has to describe and explain his or her diagnostic opinion considering the respective existing disorder or disease.

If the exact diagnosis, in other words, the disease or disorder, could be successfully made, doctors thus are able to propose an effective medical therapy or medical treatment.

Strictly speaking, patients are offered a great number of different types of therapies. For instance, there exist so-called preventive therapies. Preventive therapies are also known under the name of prophylactic therapies and describe special treatments that try to avoid certain, often critical, medical health states from occurring. What about abortive therapies?

So-called abortive therapies represent medical treatments that are responsible for stopping a medical health state from worsening any further. By the way, patients also do have the possibility to make use of so-called supportive therapies which make a great contribution to their general comfort, well-being, and health.

Note: In the context of general medicine, especially when talking about therapies and treatments, terms such as preventions, treatments, and cures are often used. We want to point out that these three expressions do not have the same significance. Preventions describe a medical possibility to help prevent a special disease, sickness, or injury. You can read about The Rogerian Approach to Counselling Theory by visiting

The term treatment can be seen as a synonym for the expression ‘therapy’ – this is because of the reason that a treatment or therapy tries to medicate a special medical problem. In most cases, the treatment or therapy of such as medical problem can provoke its cure. The expression ‘cure’ means a treatment that succeeds in stopping medical problems permanently.

Medical Therapies

Now we want to describe an exemplary medical therapy: You are in all respects tired of wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses? Do you simply want to enjoy natural vision without glasses or lenses? We inform you about the possibility of the so-called laser eye surgery – a special therapy and treatment that helps people take their first step to a life which provides natural vision.

When talking about laser eye surgery many people refer to the term ‘LASIK’ or ‘Lasik’. Strictly speaking, Lasik represents a type of refractive eye surgery. In other words: Lasik, which is also a common medical expression in German, for instance, Augen laser mit Lasik, helps correct, cure, or reduce a wide range of different vision disorders such as others astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia.

Besides Lasik, there exists also another surgical corrective procedure – namely PRK which is better known as photorefractive keratectomy. Lasik as well as photorefractive keratectomy are successful treatments when it comes to general vision problems or vision disorders. Furthermore, it can also be said that they represent great alternatives in comparison to corrective lenses or glasses. Click here to read about Recovery tips from cataract surgery.